our phones are always with us. Wherever we go we put it in our pocket or bag and honestly speaking they get dropped many times too, so a bit of wear and tear must be expected. If the phone is dropped into the water by your hand. Don’t panic. There must be a bell alarming in your mind as Ahh!..” oh my goodness”. Certainly, this first word utter by you.

There are many important things which we do when the phone is dropped in water.

1 –Take it out from water:

First, you get it out from the water immediately and then carefully remove the case, battery and SIM. Don’t try to on your phone at that time. You can use another phone with this SIM, but make sure your SIM is completely dried.

2-Dry it

Then dry it with a cloth. Don’t use tissue or any other fabric cloth. Be sure to get the cloth into the charging port, SIM slot, and other nooks and crannies you can find.

  • Don’t blow into the phone as it pushes the water drops deeper in.
  • Don’t put your phone in the microwave.
  • Don’t use a blow drier as it heats your phone.

3-Turn off the phone

Powering off your phone might be able to avoid you from any electrical short.

Does putting your phone in rice work?

The question is that is better to put the phone from water into the uncooked rice? Or just a myth?

We are here to tell you that it works. Put your phone in rice at least for 12 hours. This works better for socking the remaining moisture .you can also fill a plastic bag with silica and drop your phone in it for 2-3 days. This is the hardest part because it involves leaving your phone for some time. Before assembling, carefully check to sure that there is no grain of rice into the sockets or charging ports inside the phone. For this proposal. you can use a toothpick.

Some versions of premade kit options also available in the market. They work similarly to rice and silicon. Just put your phone inside it, seal the top and then leave it for some time. For better results, you have to wait for 24 hours, and eagerly pray to your God.

These kits are the desiccants that absorb moisture and reduce humidity. It is the same stuff finds in some accessory bags that say” DO NOT EAT”.

“The Moment Of Truth”:

Now it’s time to see still your phone is working or not. After reassembling turn on your phone. If it does not work, don’t repair it quietly. There is a possibility that the battery gets short circuit and drained. Charge it for some time, and try again. If you still have a dead phone then take it to your nearest repairing shop or buy a new phone. It’s all about your choice.


There are many prevention measures you can take to safeguard your phone against water damage. One is to buy water-resistant mobiles newly released models offering much stronger resistance against liquids. Another thing you can do to buy a water-resistant case. In case of drop your phone in the water, you have to give it enough time to dry. If however your phone has dried but is not responding then you might visit some reliable professionals to keep your phone safe from further damages. Liquid damage repairing services of comfort mobile company are highly recommended for their efficient and fast working. Their service offers professional technicians that examine the problem and then try their best to solve the problem associated with your device.

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