The MacBook is the brand of Macintosh laptop designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It replaced the PowerBook and IBookto Intel processor in 2005. Apple launched a new model named MacBook Pro and MacBook Air on November 10, 2020.

Dealing with a broken MacBook is not only frustrating nut it also involves some financially upsetting. At this point you have two options:

  • Repair your broken MacBook
  • Purchase a new one.

Most people might think that repairing the broken or screen or any other damage might be not costly than purchasing a new one. Oftentimes it is not the same, and it can more expensive and effective to buy a new device.
The full cost of repair varies with level and type of damage. For example, if the screen is damaged it costs less under warranty condition otherwise the cost depends on the type of damage. You should drop your MacBook or spill something on it for how much it costs you. Here are some questions which help you to things clear when you ever visit the MacBook repairing center.

  1. Is the reason for the screen problem to do with hardware fault or software issue?
  2. How important is the data and information stored in your MacBook either it is replaceable or not?
  3. Can u able to detect signs of hardware damage or any proof of deterioration.

1. What facilities are provided by MacBook repair:

The MacBook facilitate the data recovery transfer with most safety so there are very fewer chances of your data getting lost during the process as they know the importance of your data even the issue of the device has a liquid spillage emergency the specialist present there can get this issue fixed by replacing broken glass and LCD or even digitizer screen which is a very sensitive process

2. Damage under warranty

MacBook usually come with Limited warranty for one year. If you drop your MacBook and screen damage the warranty is not covered. So it is comfortable when a warranty might sounds. In case of accidents, the damage caused by you is considered to be paid for by your pocket.

3. Protection with AppleCare+:

As mention above, the warranty lasts for one year but AppleCare+: exceeds it to three to four years from the original date of purchase. It also covers the damage caused in case of accidents. But remember you’ve only covered two accidents in three years. For the 13’’ MacBook pro, the cost extends to $269. Any other type of damage costs you $299. If you repair the damage from your pocket for a MacBook Air under AppleCare+ would be equal to $348.

4. Surprisingly High Costs:

We know very well that even a single repair is not cheap. According to Thumbtack, “your out-of-pocket costs get higher if you aren’t under AppleCare+: coverage”.

Only the technician’s work costs from $45 to $140. Pricing begins at $250 depends on the model of the MacBook. You can contact Apple Genius Bar to know about the repairing cost of your MacBook.

Prevention is cheaper:

A simple calculation is made to show the cost of broken screen damage if you have covered it under AppleCare+ coverage.

  • For the first time accident, you cost $348
  • If it happens a second time it will cost $99 in addition.

You have to recharge hourly fees along with the cost of hardware without any type of coverage. So it is best to say that prevention costs less than paying for repairing.

Must buy a protective case which means, now, you don’t worry about damage. To buy a case is cheaper than the service fee under warranty. The other advantage is that it covers you from more than two accidents. You can also save and protect your device.

Within Bumptect pro casing you can enjoy protection with the new lifestyle. For instance, you can cover the keyboard with it and protect it from liquid and its costs $ 100. It is always better to prevent the device than have to fix it letter

“Don’t pay hundreds out of pocket for preventable
Damage accidents will happen, but having the right protection
Means no one even has to know anything happened”

Unlike most laptop computer repairs, the retina display on the MacBook is very exclusive and as a result, the service is expensive

  1. Lenovo, HP, Dell all major OEMs will same display across many models that are used for multiple years.
  2. It is not true in the case of MacBook as it has one display for one particular model size and color and that is it

Unfortunately, if you have a damaged screen you started to look at how much does it cost to replace a MacBook screen at the apple store


Regarding all the previous researches for MacBook repair, u must have got the point that buying an Apple product repair is quite expensive. But the important task is to fix it either by the company itself or by a third party. The first option is going to be more costly than the second but relies on a third party is risky as well. In such cases, trust in Digital Hospital of comfort mobile may prove beneficial to some extent. Comfort mobile companies serve you more comfortably and thus provide your productivity at work.

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