No matter how careful we try to be, accidents happen at any time. We all have dropped our phone at any point and faced damage especially screen cracks and it seems like a game-over of your Android. It is estimated that 50 million screens are broken every year. There is also the chance of cracks even if we have shatter-resistant glass.

A simple and unexpected drop can smash the screen making your device semi-functional or completely nonfunctional. If you ever face this situation the first question that must arise in your mind is how much does it cost to fix a cracked phone screen?? To get an answer you must consider the most important things that are “where do you want to fix your Smartphone? “There are thousands of repair shops but Samsung Galaxy repair is better and more reliable than others.

Here are the solutions, in ascending order of professionalism:

If you want to keep using a cracked phone and there is no risk of losing glass then cover the screen with packing tape. Line it everywhere carefully and then trim it with a sharp knife. It may look like a protective screen cover.
Before you decide to replace the phone screen you must know the cost of today’s phone screen, which includes touch interaction and possible biometric sensors which are quite expensive.

Some important hacks when you visit a repair shop:

Here we’re to take a closer look at how much it costs to fix a Samsung phone screen. For models like Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy JI, J3, and Galaxy Note1 through Note 4 generally need to:

  • Remove the real casing, SIM, and SD cards
  • Remove the battery
  • Disconnect components of cables
  • Separate motherboard from screen
  • Reassemble your phone with a new screen

For new models like Galaxy S6 and Galaxy A models A3, A5 AND A9 generally need:

  • Heat the front screen
  • Use a suction cup to remove tools from the screen
  • Reassemble your phone with the new screen

Table Of Contents:

  • your phone model plays a role too
  • Samsung Galaxy screen repair costs
  • How to fix a cracked screen
  • How long does screen repair take

Your Phone Model Plays A Role Too:

It may be a puzzle game to find out how much it costs to fix a cracked phone screen. If you don’t know the model of your phone, if you have Samsung Galaxy then it must have A-series J-series or S-series. The most expensive series are the S-series. This is all about the model. Now we discuss the year of your Samsung Galaxy phone. Some of the phones are a few years old and others are brand new so honestly speaking, the newer the model is, the higher the cost. Hope these answers help you in repairing your broken screen with better service.

Samsung Galaxy screen repair costs

Generally, the costs for replacing the cracked screen of Samsung Galaxy are the same as fixing a broken IPhone. You have to cost as little as $50 and as much as $279. Their repairing service is considered more expensive than other local shops. It is also observed that fixing your cracked Samsung Galaxy screen is cheaper than replacement. The repair cost depends on the model and the year of your phone. The main thing is that Samsung phones are cheap at market rates so it is better to swap out your broken screen especially when you have a Galaxy S9 etc.

How to fix a cracked screen

As recent and modern phones have thin and light bodies, they are manufactured with small and delicate pieces which are often glued together, rather than screwed. So don’t try to treat the cracked screen at home. Without any experiment of using small electronics tools, it is risky to work at the broken screen. Moreover, it increases the chance of damage and possibly losing your data from the device. So it is necessary to take your broken phone to a nearby reputable repair shop so that they fix it right.

How Long Does It Take To Repair a Phone screen?

Most of us are practically dependent on mobiles all the time. So we don’t like when they are taken away from us. It is often quite difficult to repair a broken screen at the exact time.

It depends if your local shop has accessories in stock and free time then it takes one or two hours to fix it. So it is better to either find a repair shop or simply pick up a replacement Samsung Galaxy phone.

Fixing Your Cracked Phone Screen Is Usually Worth It

The bottom line is if you use a reliable repair service like Samsung Galaxy Repairs, you can expect a good price and completely professional service. In any case, the final cost will be lower compared to buying a new one. We also offer a warranty for our service to improve our image and reputation. Within the warranty, in the next two years, any damage will resolve the issue for free.

Discount Program For First Responders

Samsung Authorized Service Center is the best option for a fast, quality repair. You can trust and rely on it for any type of damage to your Smartphone.

If you have a Samsung Premium Care service contract, it covers accidental incidents with extending safety terms. With your standard warranty condition, either you need a repair or replacement of your device.


Every Samsung phone repair starts with a free diagnostic exam. During this process, professionals examine the functionality of the phone and check for damage to what is broken. Once they determine the issue, they create a repair plan and it is up to the customer whether they want to move forward with the repair. So we can say that they must consume a few dollars extra but they give the stamps of approval along with their services. So a reliable and trusted company is necessary to handle your broken screen in an efficient way. Otherwise, the third party is risky to handle your device properly. There are many repair services available around your area but comfort mobiles are better than others. They are offering their service at a reasonable price. Additionally, they use high-quality replacement parts including screens. In this way, you will get a repaired device that works as well as a new one.

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