We live in a digital era where mobile phones have become the most wanted and efficient source of our time-saving productivity. Mobile phones, especially smartphones have changed our lifestyle and today we depend on phones all the time. if you are a user of Samsung mobile for three months you will surely face some issues regarding your mobile. The problems of Samsung mobiles are almost the same across all devices. Here we are going to discuss some main problems and then conclude the best solution that might help you in controlling these problems. Let’s start with the first and most common problem associated with Samsung mobiles.

1- High Battery Drainage Problem Of Samsung Mobiles:

if your mobile battery is drained more than its usual time. Then it does not mean that the health of your battery is bad. There might be some other causes which can be controlled easily so you will enjoy better battery life.


The following steps are given to control the high battery drainage problems of Samsung mobiles.

  • Dim the screen brightness
  • Remove all live wallpapers
  • Clean the unnecessary application
  • Turn off GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth when it is not needed

By adopting these hacks we will be able to use the phone battery longer than before.

2-Screen Gets Stuck And Unresponsive In Samsung Mobiles.

It looks very annoying when your phone is suddenly frozen or stuck even when you are doing some important projects. And the screen of the mobile is no longer responding by touching the pad. These problems are generally associated with the cache of mobiles.


The best solution to this problem is just locking and unlocking your phone. If this solution doesn’t work you just restart your phone. If your phone is frozen for a long period then you can solve this problem by factory resetting your device.

3- Overheating Issues In Samsung Mobiles:

The heating issue of your mobile battery is directly related to the temperature of the surroundings. You must have noticed the unusual heating of your device in summer. The other reason for heat- up the device is charging. Don’t use and charge your Samsung mobile simultaneously as it is the main reason to heat- up the battery.


After getting this problem, you try to replace the battery of your phone and then adopt the basic points to save battery life in the future.

  • Try to use mobile at a moderate temperature.
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Warning!! Don’t use your phone during charging.
  • Keep your device up-to-date
  • Try to reboot the device

If your phone is constantly being heated then it must be a hardware problem. The first device off your phone, remove the sim and let it out for some time.

4- Trouble connecting to Wi-Fi in Samsung mobiles:

This problem is not directly attached to your phone. if your Samsung smartphone is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network then don’t need to worry. This may be due to signal issues. Just go outdoors to catch the signals.

5- Applications Not Downloading From Google Play Store In Samsung Phones:

There are complaints from smartphone users that when they download any app from Google play they face:

  • Slow downloading
  • Mobile gets stuck
  • It does not start after the turn-off

Many Android users may face this problem but are more common in Samsung smartphones, but it is not worried about. You have to change some settings in Google play and then enjoy downloading more and more.


Here are some solutions for you:

  • First, clear the cache of the Google play store. For this follow the given steps
  • go to settings>clear cache> and then restart your phone and download the desired app.
  • Another method is to clean the history of Google play by going to setting>clear history. This will definitely work and solve your problem in the blinking eye.

Fixing Hacks After Facing The Common Problems Of Samsung Phones:

Guard your screen now:

You can finally use a screen guard to protect your phone screen from cracks

Check warranty:

You may be a fortune to face any damage to your phone in the warranty period to repair your phone. So always keep the warranty card in a safe place

Find a certified store:

In the end, if nothing works maybe you need a professional to fix the problems so go and find ones as your phone needs a safe hand


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