Just like humans, phones are capable of impressive activities but if they are constantly running at full speed it will affect the efficiency of the battery. And the worst thing is that when you notice that it is completely dead. In many Smartphone there is a number of factors that contribute to poor battery life because they have:

  • Thinner bodies
  • Bright screens
  • Faster processors
  • Speedy internet connection
  • More backgrounds software

There are many basic ways to prolonged and save battery are given below:

  1. Turn down the brightness
  2. Download a battery saving app
  3. Turn off the Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Turn on airplane mode
  5. Mind your apps

“The Basic”

  1. “Turn out the brightness”

The easiest way to save your battery for a long time is to turn down the brightness. It does work to lower the brightness. So if are not doing this yet, make the change now! It is better to turn on “Auto-brightness which automatically dims when you are sitting in a dark place.

  1. “Mind Your Apps”

Most popular apps are battering consuming guzzlers, especially those that are heavy on audio, video games, and free versions of aids. When you minimize some apps it does not mean that they are not working. They are still battery drainers in the background. so double-tap the home button to see what apps are running out.

  1. “Turn Off The Wi-Fi Connection.”

Whenever you turn on your Wi-Fi connection your phone is hard for looking nearby hotspot. Connect to the Wi-Fi signal can be suitable for saving money on your data plan. so always turn the Wi-Fi when you need it.

“Advance Fixes”

Location services are the advanced type of app. We use GPS technology to point to the desired location. But it is also a sneaky battery-drainer. Make sure that your location is disabled when you don’t need it.

When you are using your phone constantly to checking emails, it runs out of steam pretty quickly. You have to save your phone by giving it a break or fetch the data less frequently.

If you are a new Facebook user or at Twitter you can be a great way to stay connected. If you receive a lot of push notifications your battery life will pay the price.

There is a wide selection of cases that hold a full charge capacity and can double the life of your battery and you can turn them on whenever you want. Now u can find a clutch purse charger —just put your phone in the purse and your phone will recharge automatically.


The batteries of mobiles are a great power source for a project but they require care during use and Charging. They can be easy to damage or misuse and they can hurt you or your property. At Comfort Mobile, we provide Cell Phone Battery Replacement Services. So you enjoy a terrific battery life.

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